Window Covering OEM Components*

From installation brackets, a child safely kit, cord loop and beaded chain, to a vertical blind part, you can call on us for any component, either one you are already producing in your specs that you would like to make changes on, or a standard industry item. Call us and we will make it happen. Anything in the window covering market that you need to make a window blind of any type we can supply. Whether it’s a shutter hinge, a magnet, tassel, bracket, plastic, metal, wood… together we can make it happen for you.

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*Made specifically to customers specifications

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Tassel King tassels are designed from start to finish constructed from molded woods made in our factory. Add an elegant adornment to your window treatments.

Components & OEM Products

Components for the Window Covering Industry and OEM Companies to suit your needs, metal, plastic, where spec’d, YOUR WAY…

Promotional Products

We make all types for Every Budget. Learn more about our innovative products: Pens, Bags… YOUR ideas or OURS. We can make anything for this business.

OEM Janitortal Products

Finished products and component parts targeted to manufacturers and disttibutors of industrial janitorial products.